Batman V Superman: Rambles of Justice


One day there will be time for a full and proper dissection of this movie. Minds immeasurable to ours will dig deep into the celluloid quagmire and discover the hidden meanings, the bizarre symbolism and of course, just why was the film in the wrong order? People will weep openly in the streets after finally experiencing closure. It’s a lot like waiting for the Chilcot report, except in this reality the villains are from ink and paper and not Oxford. Read more ›

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Save the Clock Tower!


A few years ago now Harborne’s Clock Tower and surrounding school was closed down and barricaded in scaffolding due to roof issues.   Read more ›

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You have a new Birmingham Library


Is Birmingham really some kind of Sim-City like simulation?  Played by a confused soul who laid down all the wrong foundations, and now just kicks down random buildings and replaces them in a constant panic to give us Brummies some order? Read more ›

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St. Ives: August 2013


St. Ives, this time packing the boards.  After a failed attempt earlier in the year at Woolacombe (which did a great impression of a beautiful mill pond), we were a little worried we would be skimming stones again.   Read more ›

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The Newt Festival 2013

Newt Festival

After the long distance stage experiment that is Glastonbury, it’s nice to go to a festival where your only timetable worry consists of the question, “Is the bar open?”. Read more ›

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Glastonbury 2013 – Part 2: Places


You’ve heard the music, seen the bands, smelled the toilets.  But have you seen a giant metal spider spit fire out of it’s back, while simultaneously carrying Fat Boy Slim in it’s belly? Read more ›

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Glastonbury 2013 – Part 1: People


A year off.  Just long enough to forget that the previous Glastonbury was a devious trial.  In which the highlight for pop loving drunkards was struggling through quicksand-like mud in a vain effort to capture a glimpse of the miming Beyoncibot. Read more ›

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Road Trippin’ Cornwall

Road Trippin

The plan was simple:  Get in the campervan and head south for a week of hopping around the Cornish coast.   Read more ›

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Band Photography: The Flapper – April 2013


Thought I’d start having a crack at some live music photography.  Featured here are a few pics taken at The Flapper back in April. (Yep, I know, along time ago but I’m only just getting the re jigged blog up, SO SUE ME!)  Featured are Dolls Eye Weaver and Action Replay. Read more ›

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Winter, we just can’t afford you any more.

Might as well be a picture from June.

You know winter has gone too far when the Bailiffs are kicking the door in for their heating money and you’re still desperately trying to turn the Economy 7 dial past maximum. Read more ›

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