Band Photography: The Flapper – April 2013

Thought I’d start having a crack at some live music photography.  Featured here are a few pics taken at The Flapper back in April. (Yep, I know, along time ago but I’m only just getting the re jigged blog up, SO SUE ME!)  Featured are Dolls Eye Weaver and Action Replay.

There’s supposedly a bit of a resurgence of interest in the Brum scene at the moment,  let’s hope it’s true.  Pretty much any night in the city there is a place showcasing great bands, and there will always be a band/artist that’s a world away from the shit  you get fed on TV. We were sharing a bill with these guys so I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps.  I was interested in seeing how much I could push the none flash photography.  I also felt obliged to have a play in lightroom and see what developed(yes, I have become addicted to creating my own filters).

Anyway, check out Action Replay and Dolls Eye Weaver   Clickity Click!



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