Glastonbury 2013 – Part 1: People

A year off.  Just long enough to forget that the previous Glastonbury was a devious trial.  In which the highlight for pop loving drunkards was struggling through quicksand-like mud in a vain effort to capture a glimpse of the miming Beyoncibot. Decampment the morning after brought views of absolute desolation.  It was like a scene out of The Road, more so because we had parked 9 miles away, and you had to constantly remind yourself that you were ‘carrying the fire’ in order to prevent yourself collapsing from the weight of your over-packing.

There’s nothing quite like Glasto.

This year it was different.  Glorious weather, bonkers people, less smash hits carnage.  Glastonbury is returning to form.  True, people were breaking into the hand sanitiser stores to drink it’s 100% goodness, but this could be put down to the growing fear that Katy Perry had been booked for 2014.  PICTURES!

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