Welcome! Come in, please take a glass..

So, now that you are sitting comfortably with glass in hand, I guess it’s time to introduce myself.Welcome!

I’m Gavin Flint and I’m a self employed Graphic Designer.  I make and take pictures and I also make music.  I live in Harborne with my girlfriend and our 2 clinically insane cats, Noodle and Egg.  In 2011 I took the big step of going it alone in the big wide world and started my own business, Pie Eyed Design.  Pie Eyed Design shows off some of my more corporate works I get involved in, but I needed an outlet to show all the other things I do in between.  You know, those things you end up doing for fun, for kicks, or just for the hell of it.

I’ve been carrying a camera around for longer than it’s been convenient and snapping photographs for years, but shockingly, I only graduated to DSLR photography last year.  It’s kind of a weird thing, having to bring the technical knowledge up to speed with what your eye spots, but as my creaking hard drive attests as it strains out another weary cry for help, there’s certainly a lot of material all ready to post up here.

What else?  Well, I also happen to dabble in music.  I’m 1/4 of the band Against The Wheel.  We’ve been bobbing around the circuit trying to get noticed for a while now and we regularly play gigs in and around Brum.  ATW is one of the parts of my life where the art side creeps in too, so there’ll be more about that later.  If you’re interested, pop over to the contacts page and you’ll find a whole host of links to find out more.

So that’s who I am and what I get up to.  In all respects it continues to be a big learning curve, and hopefully what happens here can pull things into focus and maybe even help you if you are on a similar self employed journey.

This is the blog, Pie Eyed Life.  An attempt to drag everything screaming into one place, feed it after midnight, and see what happens.

Graphic Designer/Photographer living in Birmingham

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