You have a new Birmingham Library

Is Birmingham really some kind of Sim-City like simulation?  Played by a confused soul who laid down all the wrong foundations, and now just kicks down random buildings and replaces them in a constant panic to give us Brummies some order?

I’ve grown up in this city and I guess you could say it’s layout is always….interesting?  Confusing?  Hauntingly malleable?  I’d joke that it’s a constantly changing maze protected by an un-killable Minotaur, but the council beat me to it and stuck a huge bronze bull right in the centre.  Thankfully, he doesn’t run around the streets hunting lost folk, but he does make up for it by having a fetching array of jumpers.

What does all this mean?  Will they ever finish Birmingham?  Nope.  Never.  But, they did just finish the new library, and you know what, it’s pretty impressive.  Sky Gardens, viewing lobbies over the city and even egg chairs!  I went for a walkabout in there and managed to find my way all the way up to the Shakespeare room right at the top.  Although, that final leg did make me believe I was lost in an incomprehensible maze.

Graphic Designer/Photographer living in Birmingham

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